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09 Jun 2017
The processing industries require best quality submersible pumps to lift waste water that accumulates at the work sites. Generally industries like coal, power, mining, chemical industries, construction sites etc need this submersible pumps on a day to day basis. The applications may also be required in different areas at the work site to life water and continue with the work progress. To meet these requirements you can check out with the submersible pump manufacturer India who offers the best quality pumps to meet all dewatering requirements of their clients. With a detailed survey conducted to assess the needs of different industries the manufacturer has come up with the best product design which is lighter in weight, innovative design, lifted by two manpower and also material of construction used for pumps enhances better life and light in weight of the product that best suits for different applications of dewatering in any place.

Submersible Pump Manufacturer

The submersible slurry pump in India is manufactured using aluminium so that it can be easily lifted by two man power without any logistic support and also in the best design with features like pump media cools stator housing, air release valve, inspection chamber, inspection screw, closed impeller, cable entry, strainer, stainless steel stand and also a compact design that enhances the performance of the product. The pump can work continuously even in low liquid levels and any damaged components can also be replaced easily without any hassles. The product details are also displayed by the submersible pump manufacturer India where the electrically driven pump head up to 21 meters, flow up to 110 m3/Hr and also submergence depth up to 20 meters in H2O. It can handle particle size up to 10mm and a specific gravity of 1.2kg/L and pH range between 5 to 8 at a media temperature up to 40 degrees centigrade.

Submersible Pump Manufacturer

The customers catering to different industries like thermal power station, steel plants, cement industries, coal washeries, Zinc, Copper and Aluminium plants etc can find this submersible pump from the Indian manufacturers as the best option for dewatering raw, clean and clear water lifting, cooling tower basin dewatering, treated waste water uplifting, contaminated water uplifting, general purpose dewatering and many more applications suitable to their needs. As you specify your requirements the company shall help you choose the best model and design that perfectly suits for your dewatering applications. The dewatering pump comes in the best quality and price from the submersible pump manufacturer India.


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